About Us


About Us

The company name Hauling Moses Moving is new, yet the owner and his team are very seasoned. Both have earned their expertise and knowledge through many years of hard work as well as through building trust by delivering continuous outstanding service to their moving clients.

Whether you are moving your home or your office, local or long-distance or are looking to store your belongings in a safe and climate controlled environment, the highly-trained team of Hauling Moses Moving knows how to take care of all your moving needs. You can count on the fact that your peace of mind is Hauling Moses Moving’s daily goal.


About The Owner:

Moses Sharon is certainly anything but a newbie to the moving business. Having started many years ago as a driver and later as a foreman, he experienced numerous occasions, in which the customers of these businesses were not treated to his high ethical standards. Ethics and outstanding customer service being his top priority, Moses decided to open his own moving business in 2012 in New Orleans. Even though, he was very successful and has built a loyal customer base that still calls him today, he wanted to help more people to move without having to worry about taken advantage of.

This led Moses to the Bay Area in California, where he started Hauling Moses Moving and has been serving the Bay Area community and people ever since.

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