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"We Manage Your Move From A to Z"

"We Manage Your Move From A to Z"

Here Are The 4 Deadly Mistakes To Avoid Before Your Move
When You Get A Free Moving Estimate...

Mistake #1

Not Booking Your Move Date/Time As Early As Possible

  • The most popular moving dates are around the middle of the month and begin/end of every month, along with every weekend of the month, as most people work during weekdays and want to use the weekends to deal with the move. 
  • Book your mover as early as can to reserve these most desired dates and plan ahead of time. Most movers will charge a premium for desired dates. Hauling Moses Moving will not charge you any extra. It will save you money and headache down the road.
  • In terms of move time, unless must be an afternoon move, it is a mistake to agree to move in the afternoon. Even if it means you have to get up early, it is very worthwhile to ask to be the first customer on move day. During these hours the movers are more alert and fresh. Also, it can reduce the chance of mover delays due to traffic or morning move taking longer than expected.

Mistake #2

Getting Only General Estimate and Booking Move Date On The Phone

  • It is a mistake to commit into a verbal estimate without any reference (order number/invoice) and a written commitment via formal correspondence (email) from the mover agreeing to appear on the day/time agreed. 
  • ​Just Imagine it is your last day to vacate the apartment (lease ended) and the mover does not arrive; you will need to find an alternate mover at last minute, and most likely pay a much higher price than if you had booked a mover with a pre-arranged move estimate.
  • ​Always check written estimate sent to you to make sure your moving 'from' and 'to' addresses are correct. always notate the mover for any special requirements directions (elevator, access, parking, etc).
  • ​In most cases verbal estimates are given by rogue movers, flight by night mover, or amateurs. 

Mistake #3

Don’t Pay A Large Deposit

  • You should pay your move balance upon delivery, not up front.
  • It is a Red Light you might be dealing with a broker - not a real mover. Moving brokers often charge large moving company deposits!
  • It is not uncommon for a moving company to request a small down payment to hold a moving date.
  • ​Most reputable companies do ask for a deposit.
  • ​Always check for cancellation policy.
  • ​Never pay the required moving deposit in cash (use a check or a credit card). Much easier to track and recoup your deposit if needed.
  • ​Overall, deposits may range from as low as $100 up to $500. Any amount between is considered reasonable. Hauling Moses Moving requires only $100 moving deposit in most cases.

Mistake #4

Getting Stuck On Move Day With Not Enough Own Packing Materials/Boxes 

  •  Don't forget to ask your mover for packing supplies or full packing service packages and deals.
  • ​It may be cheaper and less headache to have your mover pack your precious/fragile items on the move day than you rather do that ahead of the move day.
  • You'd be surprised how packing services might be affordable and actually will save you time, money and hassle. Movers purchase packing materials in bulk/wholesale quantities. Hauling Moses Moving would like to pass these savings back to the customers. 
  • ​Hauling Moses Moving use highest quality of packing materials and boxes. 90% is recycled - we are eco-friendly moving company.
  • ​Hauling Moses Moving provide FREE WARDROBE BOXES on every move.

2020 Winner of Angie’s List Super Service Award!

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Why Hauling Moses Moving?

  • Hauling Moses Moving is a full service, licensed and insured moving company. Not a broker. 
  • ​Hauling Moses Moving provides "Guaranteed Not To Exceed" in writing on each move. 
  • Hauling Moses Moving operates ​7 days a week same rates.
  • Hauling Moses Moving provides quality Full Packing Service / Packing supplies.
  • ​Hauling Moses Moving has an A+ rating with the BBB.
  • ​Hauling Moses Moving provides Local and Long-Distance moves.
  • ​​Hauling Moses Moving offers ​Free on-site estimates in most areas.
  • ​Hauling Moses Moving is located in San Francisco (See our Google Listing HERE).
  • Hauling Moses Moving fleet of trucks is backed by Penske, the truck leasing industry leader, therefore our trucks are never down.  
  • ​Hauling Moses Moving has professionally trained polite, courteous and uniformed moving crews.
  • ​​Hauling Moses Moving provide Free masonite flooring protection "Red Carpet" service.
  • ​Hauling Moses Moving provides Free Wardrobe Boxes.
  • ​​Hauling Moses Moving provides Free furniture padding.

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Do Not Go ANY Further Until You Read This!

From The Desk Of Moses Sharon

CEO, Hauling Moses Moving

Did you know Moving is on Top 5 Most Stressful Life Events ?

What if I told you there is unlimited number of moving companies ready to take advantage of you during your moving process?

Sounds Crazy, right?

I started in the moving industry 18 years ago with a small truck and a dream. I have learned and mastered right about the full spectrum of the moving industry from inside out and held major key positions; like a private soldier whom became a general, I worked my way from bottom up working as a helper, truck driver, foreman, onsite estimator, to dispatcher and storage/warehouse manager. I have climbed the ladder of this fascinating industry with my own two bare hands, earning each day, each customer with utmost professionalism, honesty and integrity. I live and breath moving. 

I have worked with both large well-established van lines as well as small moving operators. Moving is part of our lives; most people will need to move at least once in their lifetime. 

I have seen from close point how heartless and unethical movers can inflict on honest customers. I had customers literally crying and begging to me to come and rescue them after they had been scammed by "Bait and Switch" and "Hostage" techniques by rogue movers. Stories can be featured only in Hollywood movies. These stories are surely real and happen too many times to too many innocent customers.

I will never forget this one story in 2010 of a single mother with a newborn baby girl, whom was completely taken advantage by her mover. The poor new mother failed to do any research on her mover prior to the move and fell right into the "bait and switch" trap. Her mover provided her with a verbal estimate of "$350 all inclusive" for her one bedroom move. On her move day she was overcharged by $2,700 for her one bedroom move. "But why the price went up by $2,700 from my estimate of $350... ?", asked the crying young mother her mover. "Packing materials lady, we used lots of boxes and rolls of tape for packing, now you need to pay us up or we drive away with your stuff!!". Imagine the amount of suffering, aggravation, stress, anxiety, all above the financial toll she needed to cope with on that moment. 

As I heard more and more horror stories within the moving industry (some you have seen on the news) of customers daily taken advantage by and getting stung by bad movers - This story of the poor mother and her baby was my eye opener!

I decided from that day on I will run my moving company to the highest level and set an example and beacon to other movers. I came to the conclusion moving should not be a negative experience, on the contrary, it should be a positive and memorable experience, and I will make sure of it on every move - and these are the foundations of why Hauling Moses Moving was founded. 

Unfortunately I see the number of dishonest and shady movers on the rise yearly. "Bait and Switch" and "Hostage" terms are few of techniques used by rogue movers.

Running a business is a very complicated operation, let alone running a moving company in 2020. Any owner/operator of a moving company should never take it lightly.  

Between lead generation websites that simply sell your information and high number of movers out there, it is very difficult to find an honest, ethical, and trustworthy mover through a Google search.

I am proud to say I have created a large circle of good-hearted, hard working and dedicated employees whom are proudly part of the ever-growing Hauling Moses Moving family. Raising up from the community and bringing it all back for the community.
That's why over 50% of our business comes from referrals from trusted returning customers are extremely valuable...they've already done the vetting for you!
The information on the next page will reveal to you 4 deadly mistakes to avoid before your move. It will help you understand better the moving industry and will potentially save you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

If you find this information handy and trustworthy, then I ask you to allow Hauling Moses Moving to lead you into your next move into success and by making it a memorable excellent experience. 

Thank you and we look forward to serving you soon.

                                                                              Moses Sharon, CEO
                                                                              Hauling Moses Moving
The information on the next page will reveal to you 4 deadly mistakes to avoid before your move. It will help you understand better the moving industry and will potentially save you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

If you find this information handy and trustworthy, then I ask you to allow Hauling Moses Moving to lead you into your next move into success and by making it a memorable excellent experience. 

Thank you and we look forward to serving you soon.

                    Moses Sharon, CEO
                    Hauling Moses Moving

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What People Are Saying about Hauling Moses Moving

Real Reviews From Google

"Great moving company with really nice people. They communicate well from start-to-finish and working with them was a great experience. I highly recommend their services." 
- Kathy D.
"Great experience. The movers were very thorough and caring. They took care of my belongings as if they were their own." 
- Jesse G
"Alec and his team were great! They were on time, friendly, helpful and moved some very heavy, awkward antique." 
- Linda O.
"Hit up Moses for all of your moving needs, ill be sure to work with him again when I move, he made the move a ton less stressful!" 
- Travis R.
  • We are a full service, licensed and insured moving company.
  • ​We provide "Guaranteed Not To Exceed" in writing on each move.
  • ​We operate ​7 days a week same rates.
  • We ​located in San Francisco serving entire Bay Area.
  • We provide quality Full Packing Service / Packing supplies.
  • ​A+ rated with Better Business Bureau.
  • We provide Local and Long-Distance moves.
  • We own and operate our fleet of trucks and have professionally trained moving crews.
  • We highly 5 Stars rated: Yelp, Google, HomeAdisor, Angie's List, Thumbtack.
  • We provide Free masonite flooring protection "Red Carpet" service.
  • ​​We provide Free Wardrobe Boxes.
  • ​We provide Free furniture padding.
  • We ​offer ​Free on-site estimates in most areas.

Is My Move Estimate Guaranteed?

  • Yes! We guarantee your moving estimate before you move date or on your move day. 
  • ​Hauling Moses Moving will provide you with a 'Guaranteed Not To Exceed Estimate'.
  • Verbal estimates are illegal and may not be enforceable.
  • ​Any moving company must provide a “Not to Exceed” price for all household moves. This is the maximum amount you can be charged unless you request additional services and those changes are then detailed in a “Change Order for Moving Services.” 
  • ​A Change Order cannot be used simply because a mover underestimated costs. Pay close attention to these documents because if a fee dispute arises, the moving company may demand that you pay the cost quoted on these documents before releasing your goods.

What People Are Saying about Hauling Moses Moving

Real Reviews From Better Business Bureau

"They are worth every penny!! If you are looking for an honest company who doesn't just show up with a truck and spend half the time figuring out how to manipulate items into a 10x15 (!!!) storage unit - with room the spare - you just found them." 
- Christine F.
"Fast, respectful, knowledgeable and totally committed to me being satisfied at every step of the move." 
- Julie S.
"They were super careful with everything. They were friendly, professional and super hard working.Their prices are great and worth every penny! this was by far the easiest move I have ever had" 
- Laura L.
"This team is an incredible find for anyone who wants reliable, proficient, skilled service & a group of young people "who really know their stuff", yet care about your personal belongings. We would highly recommend them to anyone!" 
- Jane B.

Is My Move Insured?

  • Moving companies cannot sell insurance as they are not insurance companies and cannot sell insurance policies. 
  • Already included in the mover’s rates is protection against possible loss or damage at 60 cents per pound per article. You may choose to purchase additional protection and set the value on your belongings for an amount that makes you comfortable. 
  • ​Be sure to check any insurance policies you have before paying for additional protection.. If you are unsure, call your insurance agent.
  • ​The mover must offer Full Value protection as an optional. deductible level options may vary. The customer can chose to add or decline on the move day.
  • ​Hauling Moses Moving offers all of the above.

What People Are Saying about Hauling Moses Moving

Real Reviews From Yelp

"Absolutely spectacular movers. We had A LOT of issues with our building and they were so patient, kind, and generous. They were careful with our belongings and conscientious.." 
- Cammy F..
"The entire process from first contact to delivery was outstanding and I would highly recommend Moses and the team (thanks Nick and Carlos too)!!." 
- Dave S..
"These guys are great! From the scheduler, to the crew leaders (including Moses himself), to each member of the crew, everyone was professional, helpful, flexible, and cheerful." 
- Allen L.
"They took excellent care of me and my possessions. I will recommend them over and over again. The personal attention and friendly atmosphere are topped by none." 
- Scott O..

 Is Hauling Moses Moving a Broker?

  • No, Hauling Moses Moving is a full service moving company, we are fully licensed and insured.
  • Customer will deal directly with Hauling Moses Moving the entire moving process from A to Z. There is NO "Third Party" involved.

  Is Free Onsite Estimate Really "Free"?

  • Absolutely Yes! It is unethical to charge for an onsite estimate. We would like to present all estimates upfront and eliminate any surprises on the move day.

  What is a Wardrobe Box ?

  • The wardrobe box is specially designed to safely transport hanging clothes during the course of the move. It is very convenient so clothes can simply be moved from the closet and hung on the box's metal hanging bar.
  • ​We provide FREE WARDROBE BOXES with any move.

 Our Famous Wardrobe Boxes 

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